Promito - Fini l'intimidation! No more bullying!

A proven theatrical intervention for schools

No More Bullying is an engaging, effective and proven intervention. The program brings students’ experiences with bullying out into the open and then offers concrete actions they can take to combat bullying. This approach has been proven effective for over ten years in the state of New York by a team of professionals led by Jo Salas, co-founder of Playback Theatre. This style of performance, based on audience members’ stories, has been practiced for over 30 years in countries around the world.

We are Promito Playback, a Montreal-based theatre company comprised of professionals in the field of theatre for community development. We are concerned with the harm caused to children as a result of school bullying, whether it is physical, verbal or via the internet. To support the action plan behind the passage of Law 56, we offer schools a tool for anti-bullying programming that is playful, practical and powerful.

Program objectives

Educate students about what bullying is and is not (i.e. bullying versus fighting);
Provide victims of bullying a space where they are acknowledged and affirmed;
Raise awareness among bystanders about their power to reduce bullying at school;
Offer students a vocabulary to discuss the problem precisely ;
Identify and practice specific actions students can take to counteract bullying;
Develop awareness among bullies about the impact of their actions;
Create a safe space for sharing and dialogue.

Interactive theatre

Promito Playback’s No More Bullying addresses school bullying through interactive theatre. Students are invited to express their observations, feelings and experiences with bullying. Each story told by audience members is played back by the company actors. Emphasis is placed on the role of the witness and how he or she can contribute to a peaceful and respectful school climate. Through role playing and the sharing of personal stories, we explore and expose specific actions students can take to help reduce bullying in their schools.

Students will learn about the following situations and more:

  • When you witness bullying, how to avoid joining in and how to intervene directly;
  • How to get help from adults without putting yourself or the person being bullied at risk;
  • How to support the person being bullied;
  • How to express your disapproval of the bullies.


Two versions of the program are available:

  • One 60-minute Playback performance: A team of five adults (one facilitator, three actors and a musician) will provide a structured interactive performance for students.
  • One 60-minute Playback performance co-led by student actors: A minimum of two Promito Playback company members offer a series of workshops with up to 20 students in grade five or higher; an interactive performance developed and students play for their school alongside three actors from our team (this approach is recommended for students in grade five or higher).

Because it is essential to present the performance in a secure and respectful environment, the number of audience members is limited to 60 students; smaller groups are preferable. Promito can provide up to three performances per day over a period of several days if necessary.
We also provide documents including the performance program and instructions for how to best prepare students for the experience.