Kids Mission and values

Promito Playback is a Playback Theatre company based in Montreal.
The group is affiliated with the NPO L’Aquarium et le Globe.

spontaneous, open, poetic, nonjudgemental, sensitive, respectful.

Playback is an improvisational form of theatre where members of the audience tell their stories and the company plays them back on the spot. The actors attempt to capture the essence of the teller’s story through improvisational structures so the teller may live those moments again and, perhaps, see them with new eyes.

This playful performance form is interactive.

Playback was developed by Jonathan Fox in 1975 and is currently practiced in over 50 countries around the world.
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Promito Playback’s mission is to:

  • Create space for expression and exchange ;
  • Serve the communities around us ;
  • Move towards a harmonious society, celebrating its diversity, where everyone can be heard ;
  • Illuminate stories of people in our audiences ;
  • Enter into a conversation whereby theatre is a tool for continuing social evolution ;
  • Spread the awareness and love of Playback Theatre and stay connected to the greater Playback community.