Adult and kid Activities

Promito Playback offers a variety of activities; our programs are adaptable to almost any context.


  • For audiences of up to 100 people ;
  • About 1.5 hours long ;
  • Presented easily in a variety of spaces ;
  • Can center around a theme, a conference or a special event ;
  • Good for opening communication and working with emotions in a community.


  • Discovery workshop: participants explore spontaneity and dialogue through theater in 3 hours ;
  • Initiation workshop-participants work with the building blocks of Playback theater for 5 weeks ;
  • Apprenticeship workshop-participants explore Playback in-depth; can be applied to themes and specific circumstances.

Interventions for Organizations

  • Interventions for group processes including reunions, events or themes ;
  • Interventions to help resolve difficult issues and open communication on subjects that require exploration.

No More Bullying interventions

Two formats available:

  • One interactive performance for primary, middle or high school students that explores students’ experiences with bullying and also offers concrete solutions ;
  • A five-week process where students are trained in Playback and perform with Promito actors in a performance at the end.

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